Why You Should Try Double Cleansing

Why You Should Try Double Cleansing

We caught up with Kirstie from Pinks Boutique to find out what the current trend for Double Cleansing is all about, and why we should be jumping on the bandwagon.

Why Should I Double Cleanse?

  • If you don’t clean your face properly, everything else afterwards is pointless. This is literally the single most important stage in your routine; do it properly, don’t be lazy, your skin will thank you! Otherwise it could mean you are putting expensive moisturisers and serums on skin which has still got makeup and dirt smeared all over it. Pointless!
  • Professional facialists always cleanse twice, and there is very good reason for it.
  • All cleansers are not made equal, remember that!
  • In the evening there are different layers of dirt and grime on your skin, and certain types of cleansers will deal with them best. When you come to wash at the end of the day you need to deal with and remove makeup, eye makeup, SPF, general dirt and grime, these are not all the same and they need to be dealt with differently.

How do I do it?

First Cleanse

Focusing on removing eye makeup, SPF and foundation, an oily balm cleanser is best. This is an unusual texture but oil breaks through dirt quicker than anything else.

If you have heavy eye makeup on you might want to deal with this using a damp cotton pad and your balm cleanser first, and then balm cleanse the rest of your face. If you are feeling lazy or aren’t wearing loads then as you will see in my how to video below, just go for it all – use the cloth to deal with your eyes first though. In my opinion makeup is best removed with a soft face flannel or muslin cloth.

At Pinks Boutique you can choose between the Deep Cleansing Melt for combination/oily skin, the Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt for sensitive/dehydrated skin or the Anti Ageing Deep Cleanse Melt for dry/mature skin.

Non Pinks Boutique users, look for:

  • Balm Cleansers – ideally plant based and organic
  • Oil Cleansers


Second Cleanse

In a facial this is the point where we really start to massage the skin, and you should do the same. Like your dentist tells you to clean your teeth for 2 minutes, standing and massaging your face for 2 minutes each night is unbelievably beneficial to your skin.

You can use

  • Cream Cleansers – You want a cream cleanser that has a really good plant oil base like our Lemongrass Cleanser (oily/combination skins).
  • Balm Cleansers
  • Oil Cleansers
  • Clay Cleansers

Massage your face all over and give your skin some love, remove with warm water and your cloth or muslin. Pat dry and then continue with the rest of your routine.

In the morning just one cleanse is fine. You have only been in bed, there won’t be SPF, make up and pollution on you because you did such a good job of double cleansing last night – well done you! If you are going to be out all day and wearing makeup I would suggest you use either a balm cleanser/oil cleanser in the morning – this helps skin to stay moisturised for longer and reduces the likelihood of patchy make up. If it is a relax at home day with no makeup, then you can use your balm cleanser or your milk/ lotion.

Kirstie xx

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