Why Sea Buckthorn is a Skincare Essential

Why Sea Buckthorn is a Skincare Essential

We caught up with vegan, organic makeup brand Inika to find out more about why Sea Buckthorn is a must-have in our daily beauty regimen.

Known as Hippophaerhamnoide and originally used in traditional and remedial medicine, this amazing plant is rising in popularity. Typically located in mountainous and coastal areas of Asia and Europe, this prickly plant bears hidden treasures. The yellow-orange fruit is smaller than a blueberry and full to the brim with antioxidants (including vitamins C, E and A). One of the essential monounsaturated fatty acids found in this fruit is palmitoleic acid, also known as Omega-7, which can be used to treat burns and heal wounds. With anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help to calm and soothe the skin, while promoting skin regeneration. It’s packed with so many goodies that it’s actually considered a superfood.

It’s important to distinguish between the fruit and seed oil as they both provide different benefits. Inika Organic uses the fruit oil in their Lip Serum as it contains the most topical benefits compared to seed oil. Unlike the seed oil, the fruit oil is rich in carotene and contains the elusive Omega-7.

This oil extracted from Sea Buckthorn is typically used to help treat a multitude of skin conditions, ranging from burns, acne, rosacea, and wounds. Scientific studies indicate that it may also provide UV radiation protection as well as aid in an increase of collagen production. The fatty acids from this oil may actually help to protect the skin’s barrier as well as promote skin hydration and regeneration. With such a high vitamin E content, the oil is able to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, ensuring long lasting hydration.


Sea Buckthorn in Application

Sea Buckthorn may have been under the radar for so long because it’s an incredibly complicated and delicate process to extract the oil. The plant itself is shrouded with sharp thorns that make it extremely time-consuming to carefully pick the berries. The berries itself are so delicate and absorbent that washing them would dilute the oils inside of them. Instead, the berries must be carefully cleaned with brushes to ensure there are no contaminants before extraction.

Traditional extraction methods use chemical solvents to pull the oils from the seed and its fruit. While this method may provide some benefits, its chemicals may cause potential health risks. Other methods such as hot-pressing actually annihilate highly-valued nutrients.

For this reason, Inika Organic has chosen to use Sea Buckthorn Oil that has been extracted using supercritical CO2. To extract the oil, temperature and pressure management is applied to carbon dioxide to convert it into a liquid state for the fruit to be submerged in. This method is touted as the best way to extract oil from this superfood as the nutrient profile is preserved throughout the process.

Once extracted and filtered, the oil transforms into a gorgeous, vibrant shade ranging from an amber to a deep orange or red. The orange tinge of Inika Organic’s Lip Serum has a clear finish when applied and actually helps to enrich the natural lip colour.


About the Brand

Inika Organic is a 100% Australian owned cosmetics company and a pioneer in Certified Organic ingredients and healthy beauty. Trusted globally, this go-to brand for organic and natural makeup, provides conscious consumers with wholesome, pure and natural alternatives to mainstream cosmetics. Their tagline and belief that “Healthy is beautiful” resonates strongly with further inspection of their philosophy and cosmetic products.

Inika Organic has constantly and consistently proved that natural makeup does not need to compromise on performance or fashion. They rank amongst the highest rated brands by the Environmental Working Group and remain committed to maintaining their Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Halal, and Vegan Certifications.

About the Product

Released with their newly reformulated Certified Organic Lip Glaze, their Certified Organic Lip Serum provides the ultimate nutrient-rich lip care with deep hydration for gorgeously nourished lips. With a rejuvenating mix of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this multi-use product can be used on its own for a natural healthy shine or coupled with as top coat over your favourite organic lip products for added care. With key Certified Organic ingredients such as Jojoba, Sunflower, and Rosehip Oils, the shining star is the Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil.

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