How To Practice Mindfulness in the Shower

How To Practice Mindfulness in the Shower

Clinical psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher and Weleda Wellbeing Advisor Dr Nina Watson advises practising mindfulness whilst in the shower to help promote a clear and healthy mind, without taking extra time out of your day.

 “Mindfulness leads us to pay attention to our experiences as they are. In the practice of mindfulness we may choose to focus our attention narrowly or widely – on the breath, on bodily sensations, sounds, sights, tastes, thoughts, emotions, movement and daily activities Having a shower can be a great mindful activity to choose, as this may offer you a bit of uninterrupted privacy in a busy household.”

Nourishing the skin with plant actives, increasing the skin circulation (and so skin health) with a little massage, and getting in touch, literally, with your body has so many benefits. It gives us time to acknowledge any little physical niggles, and it gives us space and quiet away from the demands of family and work.


Dr Watson advises choosing your bath products carefully depending on your mood, noticing any scents you are particularly drawn to. Take a moment for yourself with Weleda’s new range of body washes. With ten natural formulas to choose from, each Weleda body wash can be used to match a different mood:

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Dr Nina Watson shares her top five tips for practising mindfulness in the shower:

  1. Listen to your body when choosing products: choosing products that meet your needs at that time can add to the sensory, nurturing experience. Whether you ease your mind and body with relaxing lavender, or revitalise yourself with Sicilian lemons, warm aches and pains with arnica, or detoxify with birch.
  2. Notice where you start your washing routine: tune into the physical sensations within your body and how your skin feels.
  3. Be kind to yourself if your mind starts to wonder: If your mind wonders, be gentle as this is what minds do. Notice the thoughts and, without following where they were taking you, gently bring your attention back to being in the shower, the water and where you were in your washing routine
  4. Acknowledge any aches or stiffness with compassion: check your posture is not adding to your discomfort, soften your knees and let your shoulders relax whilst lifting up through the spine. Feel the heat of the water and all of the sensations along with the pain that is there.
  5. Notice each transition of your routine: as you wash notice each movement and your posture. Be mindful of each transition in your routine, and of how you are taking care of yourself.

As you reach the end of the shower meditation, take a moment to extend gratitude towards yourself for giving yourself this time and attention. As you dry yourself and move into the rest of your day, set your intention to be fully present in whatever you do next.

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