A Cheat’s Guide To Wellness

A Cheat’s Guide To Wellness

We caught up with Lola’s Apothecary to get some effortless beauty & wellness tips to live a charmed life.

Aromatherapy Shower

No time to bathe or don’t have a bathtub? Our legendary Bath & Shower Oils will transform your shower into a fragrant spa experience. Simply apply a few drops on your décolletage (or manly chest) before entering the shower. The water will release the essential oils, wreathing your senses in a heavenly cloud of aromatherapy treatment. The rich plant oils will also leave your skin moisturised.

Extraordinarily concentrated, with pure essential oils in a nourishing plant oil base, featuring beta-carotene and vitamin E; Lola’s Apothecary Bath & Shower Oils come in a range of pure essential oil fragrances for different moods. For morning showers, try Restorative Winter as a ‘wake-me-up’, or Delicate Romance to feel gorgeous and ready to receive the day with optimism. In the evening, try Sweet Lullaby if you desire a comfort blanket feeling, or Tranquil Isle if you are unwinding into your inner sacred space of deep oceanic calm.

Hug In A Mug

This is a lovely way to enjoy our Bath & Shower Oils outside the bathroom. Rain a few drops of Lola’s Apothecary Bath & Shower Oil into a mug of hot water, and place it on your desk or bedside. The fragrant steam will envelop you in a bubble of aromatherapy goodness.

For a mini face steam & aromatherapy inhalation, lean your face above the mug for a few cherished breaths. Close your eyes, allow the fragrant steam to enter you, infusing you with the healing magic of plant essences. Feel your facial muscles relax into a smile – it’s like a hug in a mug.

In terms of fragrances, try Tranquil Isle for a good night’s sleep, Restorative Winter to boost mental focus, or Orange Patisserie to be wrapped in the cosy happiness of a warm country kitchen.


Quickest Way To Moisturise

By far the quickest way to moisturise the entire body is to apply body oil right after a shower.On wet skin (yes, don’t dry off yet!), massage a handful of Lola’s Apothecary Body & Massage Oil all over the body, moving towards the heart – it takes less than a minute. Moisture from the shower helps the oil sink into the skin, while the loving pressure of massage movement boosts circulation and aids lymphatic drainage.

If your bathroom is warm enough, allow the oil to absorb further while you go about your facial skincare routine. Then gently pat dry with a towel and be greeted by silky soft skin that is delightfully non-greasy. Take care with your footing as the oil may make the bath slippery!

Breath of Clarity

Find a moment in your day to breathe in a ‘Breath of Clarity’. Meditation needn’t be lengthy or formal, just a few minutes of mindfulness is enough to bring you back to centre.

Retreat to a quiet space where you feel safe and won’t be distracted. You may wish to play some soothing music (there are loads of great playlists out there) and even light a candle if you’re in the mood – it’s all about honouring yourself, the way you may fuss over a beloved child. Sit or lie down in whatever position that feels easy on your body in the moment. If you’re prone to the chills, wrap up in a blanket for extra cosiness.

Forget about what you think meditation is supposed to look like – those fancy yoga poses are cool but are entirely optional! Simply close your eyes and allow your body to naturally adjust to a breathing rhythm that is most comfortable to you. Enjoy a few breaths, that’s all it takes.


Tea Break Mindfulness

This mini mindfulness practice is perfect for tea breaks at work. The idea is to clear the monkey mind by engaging all your senses in the brief time it takes to make a cuppa – it’s like rebooting your brain.

Take a deep breath and still your gaze upon the brewing tea. Observe the swirls of changing colours as the tea bag infuses the hot water. Lean closer. Feel the warmth of the steam rising to touch your face. Inhale the aroma of the tea, notice how it makes you feel. Listen to your breathing, has its rhythm changed since you began making the tea? Finally, take a sip. Invite the tea to linger on your tongue for a moment, perhaps you notice a nuance to the familiar taste of this tea that you didn’t notice before? There is so much magic in our daily routine just patiently waiting to surprise us.

Instagram Worthy Food

Who doesn’t want to eat an Instagram worthy meal? But food styling isn’t just about being fancy – taking some care to plate up your food nicely is very much an act of self-love. We drool over foodie pics on social media because they evoke a sense of nurture and abundance, the good news is that it is deceptively easy to manifest it into our daily life. All it takes is an extra minute or so to sprinkle over some herbs, maybe a twist of pepper. How about a drizzle of olive oil on top, or a light dusting of paprika for colour? It needn’t be elaborate, just a small gesture to show yourself some loving care. A #charmedlife is all in the details.

Over The Rainbow

It’s easy for our diet to become a rut in the midst of living a whirlwind life. There is so much information out there on eating clean, eating lean, eating ___ (insert your guilty adjective). It can be bewildering, when the most important – and too often overlooked – thing about food is that it should nourish and delight us. So here’s a fun way to jazz up your daily sustenance. Whenever you think of buying food or preparing a meal, ask yourself, which colour of the rainbow have I not yet eaten today?

Eating a rainbow is not just visually pleasing, it is very nutritious too. Each vibrantly coloured food group contains a unique set of phytochemicals, each with their own nutrients and health benefits. Ensuring that you consume all the colours of the rainbow each day is an effortless way to eat and be well.

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